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Cannabis Strains: What Are They and Why Do They Matter?

July 20


Cannabis Strains Marijuana Plant

According to experts, there are over 700 different cannabis strains, with the number ever-growing as breeders continue to cross-breed and intertwine different types of marijuana for all kinds of purposes. Similarly to dog breeds, marijuana strains are the different breeds of the plant and all have different properties. For example, ‘Locktite’ is a strain known for alleviating anxiety whereas ‘Grape Ape’, is better known for a good night’s sleep. Moreover, there are three main types of marijuana. In short, being Indica, Sativa and hybrid strains. But, Indica and Sativa are notably different in effect. On the other hand, hybrids are a blend of an Indica and a Sativa.

Cannabis, therapy and the usage of Cannabis Strains

Throughout history, marijuana has been used and applied therapeutically for a variety of clinical conditions. To clarify, this includes ADHD, Tourette’s Syndrome and Chronic pain associated with cancers. In addition, the main components within marijuana contain medicinal elements. For instance, these include its cannabinoids THC and CBD. Moreover, THC’s associated psychological effects make users experience a ‘high’. Subsequently, having therapeutic effects like pain relief, anxiety alleviation and low appetite. However, the benefits of CBD oil is migraine, psychosis and seizure relieving properties. But, also neutralising anxiety and pain. Despite known therapeutic effects, it’s the subsequent negatives including “anxiety, dizziness, depressed mood, agitation, panic disorder, and even psychosis”. As a result, in many cases, these overshadow the benefits.

However, in the cannabis industry, people are actually becoming less concerned with the aforementioned terminology. For example, Indica. Sativa and hybrids. As a result, classifying different “strains” purely based on THC/CBD content. In short, this is more relevant for therapy. But, different strains do have different THC and CBD content useful for treating different conditions. Therefore, the strain is less useful to know than the THC/CBD levels.

a) Type I: High THC
b) Type II: THC/CBD combined
c) Type III: High CBD.

To clarify, depending on these factors, different cannabis strains (THC/CBD content), can be used to treat different conditions. Further, this is seen through the following chart, adopted from healthline.

Cannabis Strain





Acapulco Gold

Sativa 0.1% 15–23% Fatigue, stress, nausea, pain

Blue Dream

Hybrid <1% 30% Pain, cramps, inflammation, insomnia, mental fog, PTSD

Purple Kush

Indica <1% 17–22% Chronic pain, muscle spasms, insomnia

Sour Diesel

Sativa <1% 20–22% Fatigue, stress, acute pain, mental fog, anxiety, PTSD

Bubba Kush

Indica <1% 14–25% Insomnia, acute pain, nausea, low appetite, PTSD

Granddaddy Purple

Indica <0.1% 17–23% Low appetite

Afghan Kush

Indica 6% 16–21% Acute pain, insomnia, low appetite

LA Confidential

Indica 0.3% 16–20% Inflammation, pain, stress

Maui Waui

Sativa 0.55% 13–19% Fatigue, depression

Golden Goat

Hybrid 1% 23% Depression, anxiety, mental fog, low energy

Northern Lights

Indica 0.1% 16% Pain, mood disorders, insomnia, low appetite

White Widow

Hybrid <1% 12–20% Low mood, mental fog, social anxiety

Super Silver Haze

Sativa <0.1% 16% Stress, anxiety, mental fog, low energy

Pineapple Express

Hybrid <0.1% 23% Mental fog, acute pain, social anxiety

Above all, average cannabis strain contains approximately 12% THC. So, strains such as ‘Blue Dream’ (according to the above graph) have more than twice the average THC levels. Therefore, this makes it more effective for patients who have severe pain/insomnia. However, contains extreme levels of psychoactive chemicals making the risks not worth the benefits in most cases.

Consequently, there is also a cannabis strain known as ‘CBD Therapy’. In addition, this contains high CBD content with minimal THC. Therefore, this is great for people who are looking for some relaxing healing properties of CBD. Moreover, without the psychoactive effects existent within THC.

cannabis strains scientist looking into microscope

Above all, there are many different breeds of cannabis. In addition, they exist with different therapeutic benefits and risks. Further, there are so many strains out there with varying levels of THC and CBD. However, doctors and cultivators of medicinal CBD are less interested in the exact strain. But, more by the levels of the THC and CBD. So, patients with an inflammatory disease including seizures, or neurological conditions like autism, will predominantly be given CBD-rich strains. On the other hand, a patient with eating disorders or sleeping problems may be prescribed a more THC-dense strain. Some of these patients may also be given some CBD oil or something similar. In short, countering possible negative effects of the THC.

If you still have any queries be sure to have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions!

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