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What is Rick Simpson Oil?

November 12


Rick Simpson Oil with high level of THC for medical treatments

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is a thick cannabis concentrate that has various medical benefits and can be used to treat cancer symptoms. This oil can be mixed with food and drinks for easy consumption. 

In 2003, Rick Simpson was diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma, which is a type of skin cancer. Three small bumps had appeared on his hand. In the past, Rick has used medical cannabis for treatments which is why he decided to create his own oil. He applied the oil topically with a bandage on the affected area. Allegedly, the bumps disappeared after using the oil. While his doctor couldn’t acknowledge the oil as a treatment, Rick was a firm believer and spread the word among his followers who later named the oil after him. 

What is Rick Simpson Oil?

Rick Simpson Oil is a cannabis oil concentrate made of Indica strain and isopropyl alcohol. RSO contains a high level of THC. THC is a part of the plant that makes you high, which is why RSO is not available at the local pharmacy but one will need to get it through their general practitioner who will get need proper approval first. 

What are the benefits of RSO?

There is no scientific study proving that this oil is effective but apart from cancer it has helped people suffering from:

Are there any side effects of RSO?

While the side effects will differ from person to person, sleepiness is the main side effect. For the first three weeks, you will feel the urge to sleep all the time but once the body is used to the dose this will start fading away. 

The taste could make patients feel unpleasant as it is bitter in taste. It is recommended to consume it by mixing it in food or drinks.  

Since there is a high level of THC in RSO, there will be similar effects to other medical cannabis. THC produces temporary psychological and physical symptoms like:

Where can I get RSO?

RSO contains a high level of THC which makes a person high. It cannot be purchased over the counter or at a local pharmacy. Patients who need RSO must consult their doctor. The GP will then fill an application and wait for approval from the Theuropatic Goods Administration (TGA).

How to use RSO?

After getting approval and consulting your local GP, the goal is to use 60 grams of RSO for 90 days. 

In week one, it is recommended to take three doses every day. The size of the dose should be half a grain. One should take in in the morning, afternoon and night, averaging an eight hours gap between each dose. 

From week two to week five, the doses need to be doubled every four days. Finally, from week five to week twelve, one gram of RSO must be consumed daily until the full 60 grams is completed. 

Cooking with RSO is the best way to consume it. One should keep the dish in mind before cooking because of the stickiness and texture. Baking with RSO is far easier, it should be first mixed with all the wet ingredients followed with the dry ingredients. Mixing with milkshakes can also be a great way to consume it. 

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