If you’re interested in accessing medicinal cannabis you should first speak to your doctor about whether it is appropriate for your health needs.  In many cases doctors will only prescribe medicinal cannabis if other ‘first line’ therapies have not sufficiently managed patients’ symptoms.  If your doctor considers that medicinal cannabis would be an appropriate treatment for you, they will need approval from the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) to prescribe it, and will be responsible for monitoring your treatment.  The pathway to accessing medicinal cannabis is outlined below.

Discuss medicinal cannabis with your doctor

Your doctor will conduct a thorough assessment, including a full medical and mental health history.  They will make a list of all other treatments you have tried without success or that have produced unwanted side effects.  If your doctor is uncomfortable or unfamiliar with prescribing medicinal cannabis treatments, they may choose to refer you to another doctor with expertise in medicinal cannabis.  Please contact us if you would like further information about doctors with expertise in the field of medicinal cannabis.

Get your doctor’s recommendation

Your doctor will research the use of medicinal cannabis for your condition.  Doctors must only prescribe medicinal cannabis based on evidence and your risk factors.  If medicinal cannabis is suitable for your condition, your doctor will need to apply for approval, which may take several days.  More information about the approval process is available here.

Accessing medicinal cannabis

If approved, your doctor will write a prescription for your medicinal cannabis treatment (e.g. 30mg CBD oil in a capsule).  Your doctor will then be able to send your approval and prescription to a pharmacy that holds your prescribed product.

Monitoring your progress

It is important to check in regularly with your doctor to discuss whether medicinal cannabis is working for you, or if you are experiencing any side effects.

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