AltMed Podcast EP.33 – Shantibaba, Owner of Mr. Nice Seedbank & Research

In this week’s podcast we chat with Shantibaba, Owner of Mr. Nice Seedbank & Research Cannabis Genetics, his Personal Journey gathering seeds, the origin of White Widow, the origin of Strains, how to think about mixing breeds, and Australian climates for growing.

Key Points

1:22 – Scott Blakey studied at Melbourne University and established report with cannabis industry as a student. When he landed at Amsterdam in late 80s, initially, he worked in a greenhouse company. Although it was not a planned career progression, however, he believes that his passion led to him working in this industry for last 20, 30 years.

3:04 – Scott asserted that he was proud to see legalisation progress in Australia. Initially shunned as a criminal substance, he believed that Europe pushed for its medical usage. He also explained that due to Australia’s environmental and weather conditions, it was a perfect prime real estate for cannabis industry.

4:38 – Scott explained that 3 or 4 generations of in-breeding results in a stabilised specie.

6:01 – Scott explained that a part of his job involved selecting best seeds from all over the world and hybridising them locally to create parent sources. He described that the seed exchange in the late 70s and early 80s happened quietly due to restrictions. However, he also praised the genetics of cannabis flowers grown in that era.

8:12 – Scott iterated that he started a company by the name of Seed Bank with his mate Neville. He illustrated that all seed genetics development started from this organisation where colleagues were always involved in exchanging genetic thoughts and opinions with each other.

11:09 – Scott clarified that he could distinguish flower smells despite of numerous efforts of cross-colonization. Scott also explained that initially, a lot of useful non-monetary exchanges happened in small groups, solely motivated by the passion to find something strong and unique in flavor. Scott demonstrated that he and Neville became a household names in Holland due to their efforts.

14:32 – Scott clarified that since growing a flower was illegal, therefore, geneticists had to keep communications strictly confidential. He explained that there are numerous facets within the genetic realm.

15:48 – Scott explored several derivatives of strains within the group and iterated that as Australia develops its cultivation side, the focus should be on quality seed instead of wealth.

17:11 – Scott illustrated that Australia hit a snag in 2000 due to their over reliance on Dutch companies for genetic production. He asserted that this development was disastrous due to lack of focus on quality seed production. He illustrated that all states could find the genetic abilities and breeds which fit their market.

19:25 – Scott explained that the climate required for genetic diversity was present in Australia. With new licenses coming along with lifting of restrictions, he expressed hopes of good stabilized genetics.

21:34 – Scott talked about various strains of cannabis along with their growth potential in different environments. He explained that the similarities were usually due to latitude.

27:01 – Scott described the designing procedure in Australia as 3 dimensional metaphysical course. He unraveled that he could discern the aromas and flowers while experimenting with the ratios of mother and father strain.

29:33 – Scott narrated his experiences of seed collection across the world and was of the view that patience and perseverance were most imp traits is to find best source possible for seed generation.

33:23 – While talking about his work in CBD industry, Scott revealed that his CBD genetics work was motivated by Seed Bank Company. While feeling that the THC side was overdone, he initiated work to bring cannabis within the legal framework in 2006. He illustrated his idea was of decreasing THC and increasing CBD in traditional cannabis strains, resulting in the first scientific seed of Australia.

40:04 – In answer to a question, Scott discussed his methodology of analyzing the after effects of a complete plant comprising of CBD and THC instead of individual components. He also elucidated that after detailed experimentation, he came upon two plants with promising results.

44:11 – Scott asserted that the number of PhD students enrolled in European universities who are working on cannabis are playing a major taking the whole industry to next stage. He demonstrated that it was essential to observe the individual applications of every single component within the plant. He was of the view that entourage effect was still a dominating theory.

48:08 – Scott explained that he was working with two companies in Italy and Switzerland who have been issued the THC licenses. Therefore, he was very excited to explore different genetic opportunities which may pop up in coming times. He demonstrated that some legal solution must be generated to overcome the stalling techniques of governments.


Mr. Nice Seedbank & Research: https://mrnice.nl/dhtml/home.php 


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